Responsible Gambling Guide and Tips

When played in moderation, gambling can be a fun way to enjoy time. Unlike other hobbies, there is a built-in risk when it comes to gambling. That’s why every player should keep in mind the importance of responsible gambling. BitcoinGame collated steps and tips to create a guide to help our players and members responsible gamblers, this helps keep gambling a fun and safe experience for everyone.

Responsible Gambling 

Responsible Gambling is the disciple of betting money without incurring financial risks. The healthy way of doing so is by betting within your means and both the winnings and losses fall within sustainable parameters. 

There is no definite limit or number that every person should follow. This is considering how one person can afford to lose a much higher amount than another. What makes you a responsible gambler is how you approach it and become more proactive. 

A responsible gambler takes gambling as a source of entertainment and does not see it as a source of income. Regular breaks should be taken in between gaming sessions. Most importantly, they have set a limit on the amount of money, and time allotted daily, weekly, or monthly. 

Tips for Gambling Responsibly

Gambling as a form of entertainment

When gambling, it offers a chance and opportunity to win money but even so, it must be seen as entertainment and not a source of income. Players should view it as a fun and exciting hobby. 

Become more aware of your feelings and emotions when wanting to gamble.

You should only gamble when you are in a good mood and want a form of entertainment. Refrain from playing when you’re sad, angry, or with the intention of making money. 

Limit or avoid your alcohol and/or drug intake while gambling as it can affect your decision-making. 

Set a money and time limit in advance 

Always set a budget limit. Sticking to it protects you from financial risks and problems that gambling could possibly expose you to. 

Restrict access to money you don’t want to play with, this applies when you have more than one bank account. Block access and transactions. It is better to set up a dedicated e-wallet or crypto wallet for gambling deposits. Keeping gambling and personal money separate helps you in restricting yourself from overspending.

It can be easy to lose track of time when gaming, so setting a time limit will help keep an eye on the time and move on to something else once the time is up. Take breaks in the middle of your gaming sessions, this will also help you become more aware of the money and time you are spending whilst playing. It will also help you clear your head and keep a healthy perspective once back in the game. 

Understand the Games or Sports you bet on

Make sure to fully understand how the game works before betting. Wagering on sports and games that you know very little of will just expose you to more loss. Understand the odds, game instructions before placing bets. 

Walk away from your losses

Do not chase your losses and bet your way out of a hole. When a lose streak occur, end your gameplay before it gets worse. 

Treat gambling as an expense

Only gamble with your excess money, never borrow or use money allotted for necessities with the intent of winning more. Gambling is not a way to make money so don’t think of it as a chance to win money for a trip, to pay bills or to pay off debt. 

Do not play while under the influence

Never bet while intoxicated or under the influence of any drug. This will eventually lead to irrational wages that can lead you to bigger losses. Gambling in this condition may result to gambling addiction issues. 

Educate yourself about problem gambling

Seek help if you recognize these signs:

Inability to stop and Overriding your limits

Constantly going over your limits, both time and money. This is the biggest warning sign of addiction. Abstention is the first step to recovery but can also be the hardest. 

Limits are in place to help you reduce the possible risk that comes with gaming but if you see these as hindrances, this can indicate a bigger problem. 

It impacts other areas of your life

The idea of gambling is taking over your thoughts and impacting relationships and jobs negatively and constantly is a signal to take a step back and get this under control.

Financial difficulties

Spending more than what you can afford to lose and are selling your assets, borrowing money, or getting hold of cash through illegal means just to play. If your financial situation is getting worse because of gambling, it is a sign of addiction.


Occasionally, gambling can be a fun activity to do to pass the time. But this fun hobby can also incur permanent and bigger financial risk once played irresponsibly. Find balance, set limits, and play safe.